Golden West Community Services District

GWCSD Road Responsibilities:

This document details the extents of GWCSD's road maintenance responsibilities.
Download a PDF version here. If a roadway or roadway segment is not on this list, the GWCSD is NOT responsible for its maintenance. Only public roads, or dedicated public segments of easements are maintained by the GWCSD. It is not legal to use public funds for maintenance of private roads or easements.

The process of adding roadways to GWCSD's responsibility is beyond the scope of this document.

The exact length of road segments that are in the public domain to the point of demarcation to private easement roads is as stipulated on the recorded Maps of Golden West Paradise Subdivision Unit No. 2 and Unit No. 5. The dimensions below are provided for convenience use, and may result in minor discrepancies from the subdivision maps, but shall hold for the purposes of this document.

Unit Number 2
Public Road Name Distance From Specified Roadway
Ore Court 90 feet from adjoining edge of Highway 49
Pyrite Street 590 feet from center of Dolomite Dr.
Sam Hill Mine Court (Antimonite Way)  330 feet from center of Dolomite Dr.

Unit Number 5
Public Road Name Distance from Crystal Blvd. Centerline
Ferrite Street 335 feet
Sodalite Street, N 625 feet
Sodalite Street, S 1,025 feet
Oak Ridge Circle, N 50 feet
Oak Ridge Circle, S 52 feet
Obrizo Street 520 feet
Calcite Drive 1,320 feet
Cinnabar Street (*Mica Road) 555 feet
Unnamed road (*between lots 149 and 150) 257 feet
Talcite Street 795 feet
Mica Street 338 feet
Amalgam Street 900 feet
Barite Street 425 feet

* indicates road names on Unit 2 & 5 Subdivision Recorded Maps

Public roads are, as a minimum, roads that have been deeded to El Dorado County and formally accepted by the GWCSD Board of Directors after a public hearing.

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