Golden West Community Services District

A Brief GWCSD History

The Golden West Community Services District (GWCSD) began life in 1970 as the Golden West Paradise Property Owners Association (GWPPOA). The GWPPOA was made up of units 2 and 5 of the subdivision; unit 2 being on the east side of Highway 49 and unit 5 on the west side. At that time the roads shown on the subdivision maps were offered for dedication to the County and accepted with the condition that maintenance and improvements of the roads would be the responsibility of the GWPPOA.

In 1983 a petition was filed with the El Dorado County Local Agency Commission (LAFCO) to form the Golden West Community Services District as a replacement for the GWPPOA. The petition was approved by LAFCO and an election to accept the formation of GWCSD was approved by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. The residents approved a ballot measure to form the GWCSD by an overwhelming majority. The responsibility for road maintenance was thus transferred to GWCSD.

The Golden West Community Services District is located 3 miles south of Pleasant Valley Rd on Highway 49 near the town of El Dorado. The District’s boundaries encompass approximately 3,276 acres of the unincorporated area of El Dorado County. There are 456 parcels in the district and an estimated population of 1400. The GWCSD is a part of the Logtown community, an unincorporated area originating in the gold rush era. More information on Logtown can be found at: Logtown The Legacy of Ordinary Places (pdf).

The GWCSD is governed by a five member Board of Directors elected from and by District residents and a contracted General Manager. Its operation is subject to Government Code 61000 and to the Ralph M. Brown Act provisions requiring open meetings. The primary responsibility of this Board is road maintenance and improvement including drainage and weed abatement on the road easements. The District is funded through a $120 annual parcel tax and a similar but variable “ad valorum” amount based on the property value. The annual revenue of the District is approximately $150,000 (2024).